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Ship sans rudder

Ship without a rudder...

Why is taking so long for common sense to catch up with the civil right laws?  Either our common sense has been hijacked, or our representatives have been hijacked! 15% approval rating says it all, how long do the citizens have to put up with these dull ratings.  Its past time for a major shift of power back to the citizens and away from corrupt representatives.  Thank you for your service, but your services are no longer needed, time to take leave representatives.  Dismissed!

When is the last time you received any correspondence from a representative on how you feel about the issues that matter most to you? Personally, I have never had any interaction with any representatives on any matter, absent town hall meetings, how do reps know how to vote on issues? Not to dissect further into psyche speculation, after all, we have been victims of subtle mind control and now weather control, nothing is wrong we shout at ourselves, are you ok? 

Common folk was not fit to…
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Roll back to a more traditional America

Roll in - Roll in - Roll in - Freedom Macaroo.

Back to freedom we go

Freedom, that's all we have to embrace, if we truly want to make America great again, end-all prohibition, victimless crime needs to be front and center.  CATO and Havard rest with only only conclusion, its horrible. CATO war on drugs

 Some will become addicted to the new freedoms, 99% of America will not change one bit, I don't think laws prevent people from doing anything personally, people will keep doing whatever it is they are doing, just that people will have better, safer stuff at better prices and no ugly black markets.

Do we even want to save our nation and ourselves, or have we become addicted to the violence and despair? It might be too late, but I'm not ready to give up on her, her being the sexy lady liberty as we once knew her.

Random acts of violence will disappear, I would bet the house on it, so much bad blood in America, and it all stems back into prohibition. Its been a nightmare for th…

DOGMERs! The lost decade, placing the blame squarely on boomers!

Any thoughts or experience on the level of Dogmers (Dogma)+ (BOOMERS) surrounding the perceived by-products of freedom? Prohibition is quite fascinating, if not a little horrifying and sickening - perhaps a topic idea moving forward.  The CSA of 1970 (protection of middle class) and corporate write off (61% of all jobs created after 1994 were low wage jobs) while production and corporate profits up 120% -  Gave rise to the destruction of the middle class which is undoubted the root of all the problems of modern North America (purpose and money), it is getting bad and the problems are only getting worse - look at the violence in Chicago and south of the border that is destroying Mexico.  If you are not concerned you should be - your neighborhood will be next and mainstream media refuses to acknowledge for reasons I can not explain.  

Misunderstandings cost lives, well maybe not my misunderstanding of things but let us take Trump for example, the gentlemen is trying to g…



To explore how real wage trends evolved over the 1979 to 2018 period, Figure 1 shows annualized wage growth rates over various time periods (roughly a decade each) by wage percentile and demographic group. Considering first wage growth at the 10th and 50th percentiles, Figure 1 reveals that the 10th percentile wage declined in real terms during the 1980s for all groups, and, with the exception of women, the median (50th percentile) wage declined as well. In the 1990s, 10th percentile and median wages increased for nearly all demographic groups. This was followed by a general slowdown (and some modest declines) in real wage growth in 2000- 2010, after which (i.e., 2010-2018) 10th percentile and median wages grew for all demographic groups. Annualized real wage growth at the 90th percentile was positive in all periods and for all demographic groups except black workers and Hispanic workers, for whom the 90th percentile wage declined slightly during the 1980…
Good work Aerial View, now the conversation moves towards WHY is Yang not as popular as I think he should be, as I cannot find a reason to vote for anyone else.  Yang is a category by himself when it comes to competency, vision, intelligence, ideas the list goes on on - what's choking the common sense of out everybody. Media? Fox news? Bloomberg TV? The rise of the western buddist belief system is a good thing, Jim Carey knows this, the sense of hopeless driving this and most of the social economic problems I believe can be attributed to two things.  The CSA 1970 started this journey by making it illegal to adjust our concisous, which is fundamentally important and its every humans unalienable right to engage in such behavior that it should never have been an issue or even a 'thing' in society.   Its interwoven into our DNA, our founding fathers designed protections from overreach into the bill of rights.  Nixon's fear of this misunderstood  hippy faction and his own p…

Common Sense Vol 2 Time Travel revision, Thomas Paine's founders edition.

The luke cold temperature of our nation as expressed in the way social media works largely as a depository of egoic thought structures of little value. Mindless craving of order, so we can file and sort with the haste of good clean living. We marvel at these structures, stack our structures on top of each other in hopes that the stacking will lead to some better acting. Better acting through MORE of something, more of what? Just more, when in doubt look around and ask yourself how much more is it going to take? We brain vomit on each other and walk away like its normal. Get over it. Get tough. No tougher. Not enough, more. I'm trying, PLEASE! Need more, that's not going to do it, little bit MORE.

The cadence of conversation is important as the cadence of dance. Do not forget to dance! Hey, what was it that you wanted to ask me? - when some charming dance partner stomped on your toe you smiled and danced away or did the dance pause? I laugh hard. Hee hawing laughter is a …